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March 23, 2019
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Authors take part in the creation and growth and development of works of fiction and non-fiction.

This covers many forms of writing including:

  • poetry
  • short tales
  • books
  • existence writing
  • scripts for theatre
  • screen and radio
  • non-fiction
  • magazine and newspaper articles
  • web-content.

New media can also be opening doorways for authors in areas for example cell phone content and video game scripts.

Most authors work freelance and therefore are self-employed. As earnings from writing might be low and erratic, most authors supplement their earnings along with other related activities for example author visits, training courses, occasions and blood pressure measurements.

Some authors might find avenues to broaden their writing and write in various forms, for example released writers also writing reviews and literary critique.

Additionally many authors manage their writing work alongside full or part-time jobs which might be associated with their writing (for example lecturing on creative writing courses) or entirely unrelated.

Typical work activities

Typical activities will probably start adding some or the following:

  • general market trends including reading through relevant guides or blogs, and remaining current with writing that's being created inside your selected area
  • choosing subject material according to personal or public interest, or commissioned with a writer or agent
  • undertaking research including desk based research and performing site visits or interviews
  • marketing including maintaining an online business via a website, blog or social networking presence
  • speaking regarding your work on occasions and performing blood pressure measurements or book signings
  • teaching writing in further or greater education configurations or running training courses independently
  • looking at the job of other authors including sometimes supplying coaching or training services
  • controlling the company side of writing including maintaining financial records, checking contracts and posting bills and tax statements.
The Wizard of Word: freelance writer
The Wizard of Word: freelance writer
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