Freelance Writers Association

April 4, 2020
Freelance writers association

Here’s an excellent listing of authors associations and organizations for authors! Many local authors organizations have organizations with national groups, however, many writing groups standalone inside their towns. If you wish to find local writing groups or national writing associations, your search is over!

TIP: Take a look at our Authors Classifieds for lists of writing associations and organisations which are hosting authors conferences over the following couple of several weeks!

We all know you will find more authors associations available, but hopefully their list will enable you to get began.

Authors Associations: Organizations For Authors Of Fiction (Books, Tales, Books)

Historic Novel Society — An excellent association of authors of historic fiction. Offers community, networking possibilities (agents, editors, marketers, booksellers), and much more.

Thanks For Visiting The NEA: Or, Ways To Get Money For Writing Stuff — Probably the most consistently magnanimous supporters from the arts in the usa may be the National Endowment for that Arts, that has numerous—and generous—grants available in most regions of the humanities, including literature. Find out more about the NEA.

Poetry: Organizations For Poets

Academy Of Yankee Poets — Regularly sponsors national poetry occasions and poetry guides to be able to advocate poetry. Membership dues with this writing association assist in paying for programs.

Authors Associations: General And Particular Interests

Authors Guild — An expert organization for authors, ideal for maintaining using the altering face from the posting industry and the process of copyright protection.

Islamic Authors Alliance — People include “published and ambitious authors, editors, artists, marketers, journalists, playwrights, Web-site designers, merchants, and marketing consultants.”

Military Authors Society Of The Usa — A company for authors, poets, and artists who concentrate on military service. Encourages memoir writing, writing as therapy, and education about posting.

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