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August 5, 2015
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Freelance travel authors are self-employed experts who talk about various facets of the travel industry and traveling, gathering their information firsthand by going to various metropolitan areas, states, and nations. Because they are compensated per assignment, freelance authors may go lengthy, irregular hrs to satisfy editors' due dates. A bachelor's degree within an area like British or journalism and former writing experience might be useful in acquiring writing projects.

Needed Education Bachelor's degree in British, journalism or related area might be useful
Forecasted Job Growth (2012-2022) 3% (all authors and authors)*
Median Salary (2014) $37, 057 (freelance authors)**

Sources: *U.S. Bls, **

Job Description for Freelance Travel Authors

Freelance travel authors earn wages by selling their tales to numerous travel-related guides, agencies, websites, and organizations. Travel authors may pitch article, book, or script suggestions to marketers hoping obtaining a contract to create articles. These authors may go for many different guides or companies, be recurring authors in the same publication, submit regular posts, or write a number of related articles. They talk about a number of travel-designed subjects, including different factors from the transportation and hotel industries, culture, historic locations, ecology, adventure, travelling, profiles of various places, and worldwide current occasions.

Code of Ethics

Travel writing associations like the Society of yankee Travel Authors (world wide and also the Area Travel Authors Association (world wide insist their people stick to ethical standards. These standards make sure that travel authors are credible and moral resources. A few of these recommendations that affect freelance travel authors generally are:

  • All writing ought to be accurate, factual, and objective.
  • Travel authors might not plagiarize or sell the privileges to works they don't own.
  • No travel author should accept cash or gifts in return for favorable reviews.
  • Travel authors ought to be sincere and considerate of the hosts when on assignment.

Freelance Travel Author Salary Information

In September 2014, market research of freelance authors indicated a yearly total pay range (including salary and bonuses) of $23, 309-$112, 193, based on Freelance travel authors can also be needed to cover a few of their own travel expenses. They're also accountable for their benefits, retirement funds, and work equipment.

Freelance travel authors get compensated on the project-to-project basis. Wages fluctuate based on the number of projects a travel freelance author will get every year. Generally, specifically for entry-level freelance authors, it's to the author to approach editors about story ideas. Projects are created according to experience, talent, location, along with other editorial needs.

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