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August 26, 2015

blogfaceSay you’re a brand new freelance author. (Seem familiar?) You request someone with increased experience whether you can start your blog to assist attract clients and allow you to use blogs as clips.

Odds are, another author will explain it’s absolutely, totally imperative that you've a blog. I even heard one freelance author tell an undesirable newbie, “You have only a website” But that’s so STATIC!”

I’m here to let you know when you’re asking whether you can start your blog, the reply is No.

And when you’re wondering what subject to begin you blog on, the reply is that you simply shouldn’t.

Should you begin a blog, it have to be because you have something really, actually want to say. Something you’re so enthusiastic about that you simply can’t hold it back. Something you can picture yourself covering regularly for that indefinite future.

For instance, Diana and that i wrote over 1Thousand posts since 2006! That’s the type of commitment you'll need. Should you not feel inclined to create 1Thousand posts on the particular subject, your blog might not meet your needs exactly.

Blogs aren't a simple clip. Should you begin a blog, you will have to ensure that it stays up-to-date, because nothing looks sadder to prospects than the usual blog that hasn’t been up-to-date in six several weeks.

Also, it's important to advertise your blog if you wish to get comments — which means you don’t seem like you’re just conntacting yourself constantly. Blogs are intended to be read.

And…what happens when you begin benefiting from real released clips and no more require the blog? Are you going to let it die? Will everything work be for free?

It’s way simpler to simply start pitching clients according to your experience — for instance, for those who have a foodservice background you'd pitch companies for the reason that industry — in order to perform a free assignment or two just to obtain the samples.

Out on another forget that the (static!) website functions as a clip. For those who have some kick-ass copy on the website, prospects will have the ability to help you can write.

There's the problem that fresh content will push your site in the internet search engine results, and blogs have course perfect for your. But you can aquire a similar effect by upgrading your portfolio while you garner new clips.

For those who have intends to monetize your site along with a subject you’re enthusiastic about, go for this. And when you need to offer blogging among the services you provide, you’ll wish to show prospects that can be done that. But when you are feeling you have to blog only for the clip — you will find better, simpler ways to achieve that. Ways in which won’t have you ever responsible for that relaxation of the working career.

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