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January 9, 2017
Definition writer freelance

photodune-3393975-money-bag-with-question-marks-xsHave you ever observed that blogs are becoming longer? Many top blogs are being bold with detailed posts of just one, 000 to two, 000 words.

New survey data shows why — .

I’m certainly keen on detailed posts that provide good examples and situation studies about this blog, as you’ve most likely observed. In my opinion offering more quality makes a large improvement in growing my blog.

But growing curiosity about longer posts poses an issue for authors that do compensated blogging, too for authors searching to advertise their very own blogs through guest posts.

Popular blogs that may drive traffic towards your personal blog are searching for longer posts using their guest posters, that is a large commitment when it’s an delinquent marketing activity. That can bring me for this important rule:

Save time before you guest publish

All of a sudden, it is not dashing off 500 words off the top your mind for any guest publish. Which calls into wonder if dedicating hrs to writing a totally free guest publish continues to be worthwhile.

It might be useful if you are writing for huge blogs that have the possibility to become a game title-changer for the visibility like a writer…for less effective blogs, not even. I’ll say I've found myself checking Alexa or PageRank more frequently now before determining whether I’ll write a guest publish for any site free of charge.

My advice here: Weigh the benefits and drawbacks carefully, especially considering the current raging debate over whether all that'll be punished by Google. Writing a really fresh, informative, 2Thousand-word guest publish might take the greater a part of a whole workday. Solve these questions . determine if that’s a great investment of your energy, or maybe there can be an easy method to attract your audience.

One possible means to fix the issue of free longform guest posts would be to won't do them. There's a different way to approach guest posting that could are more effective as longer posts end up being the norm.

Search for having to pay guest posts

Personally, I had been guest posting free of charge on Copyblogger after i got an chance to guest publish for any modest fee for Freelance Switch (now Microlancer). Even $50 or $75 a guest publish, if you are doing the work regularly, will begin to accumulate. After I was writing on their behalf regularly, I frequently charged Freelance Switch for $300 per month or even more — a pleasant slice of change for guest posts I would wrote free for an additional site!

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