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January 31, 2015
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Is the website doing its job?

About this blog, we frequently discuss how to locate clients and the easiest method to market yourself online. And also the focal point on most freelancers’ marketing efforts? An internet site.

Exactly what does an internet site do?

A freelancer’s website works 5 primary functions. They must be the skeleton of each and every website, regardless of your area:

  1. It conveys precisely what you need to do, clearly and compellingly.
  2. It offers your contact details.
  3. It shows your portfolio or resume. It conveys your expertise and develops a basis of trust prior to the client is a client.
  4. It shows your personality and work ethic. This develops trust, relatability, and draws in the best types of clients.
  5. It’s the hub of the all of your online activity. It ought to contain links for your internet sites, your site, etc. (Internet sites = social proof that you're well-respected inside your area.)

Instead of explain these, I thougth I’d demonstrate screenshots of a number of my personal favorite freelance websites, and explain why I believe they work. I’ve selected to appear particularly at home pages, though I might follow-up this publish having a discussion from the inner pages.

Remember, there isn’t any “one way” to create a freelance website. They are good examples of concepts, not always the lovliest websites. The thing is they do their jobs.

Katie’s website achieves all five primary functions while offerring her easy-going personality inside a format that directly attracts her clients (other self employed):

**Eco-friendly amounts are a symbol of 5 key functions above.**

Key take-aways:

  • Who's your ideal client? From copy to create, call at your website through their eyes. Katie performs this by hooking up immediately with creative self employed through compelling copy and highlighted versions of herself.
  • Making your website simple to navigate - both through navigation menus and bigger choices on the house page - draws site visitors much deeper in to the website.
  • Don’t ignore your footer!
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