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July 19, 2016
One of the Boys

Thanks for visiting the premise of the items we all do.

Below is an essential information found in these several pages. The La Occasions values honesty, justness and truth. We know the down sides of the marketplace, but we realize that our reputation—and yours—rests on making certain our visitors acquire the best information possible.

These recommendations come from our very own code of ethics, built over many several weeks with much care.

The La Occasions Ethics Recommendations for Freelance Authors

The job of freelance journalists seems within our paper as well as on our website alongside staff-created photos, articles and graphics. Self employed must therefore approach the work they do without conflicts and should follow the same standards of professionalism the Occasions requires of their own staff. It's the responsibility of setting editors to ask about a freelancer’s potential conflicts of great interest prior to making a project.

Conflict-of-interest provisions may apply in a different way to contributing factors towards the Op-Erectile dysfunction pages. They're likely to bring institutional and private perspectives for their work. They aren't likely to avoid conflicts, but they're likely to disclose them.

More details about our anticipation follows. For those who have any queries, please call me or e-mail me.

Thanks again for the curiosity about and articles posted to the la Occasions.


Catharine M. Hamm

Travel editor

Recommendations for posting materials to the la Occasions Travel section:

Using the growing energy from the Internet, it is a little world in the end. We're awash in information: guidebooks, blogs, travel websites, maps, applications, e-books, etc.

Your travel experience may result in your blog publish, a print or online story, a photograph gallery in publications or online. All these needs a slightly different approach along with each type of story.

The Travel section, both print an internet-based, is searching for bold, original travel features that tell an excellent story and therefore are strong character-driven or first-person stories. Tales ought to be sophisticated, compelling, complete and written with flair.

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