Best Freelance writing Jobs

January 9, 2016
The best freelance writing

The best paid writing jobs aren't always in an office.The very best compensated writing jobs aren't forever in a workplace.

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Science Journalist

Reporters for daily newspapers earn an average annual earnings of $36Thousand. Freelance worker authors having a journalism background can earn more by writing for trade journals and magazines. However, science journalists possess the cleverest earnings potential due to specialized understanding. Some journalists study science attending college and a few researchers go back to school to pursue levels in environment journalism. Science journalists write for magazines like “Earth Magazine” and “National Geographic, ” growing their earnings potential like a author.

Technical Author

Technical authors produce from the operating instructions for the new toaster to complex manuals that document plane parts and methods. Like a author, you are able to work with a particular industry, like a company that develops lawn mowers or produces software applications, studying and writing manuals. Top technical authors can earn an average annual wage of $63, 280. However, experienced technical authors could possibly earn as much as $150 an hour or so being an independent contractor.

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Marketing And Sales Communications Manager

While marketing and sales communications might not have “writer” in the title, it certainly requires you to definitely write. Tim O’Leary who written “Warriors, Employees, Whiners &lifier Weasels” and founded the effective ad agency The R2C Group, spoke like a keynote in the College of Montana’s first annual Writer’s Conference in March, 2013. He urged the crowd of authors to know their value in the industry world where their skill could make money for large companies. That value is the reason why authors who act as marketing and sales communications managers earn an average annual wage around $112, 800.


Some authors skip the management path in the industry world and write directly to promote agencies such as the R2C Group. Within the advertising world, a senior copywriter who crafts appealing advertisements or succinct pamphlets can earn around $83, 120, along with a gifted copywriter could work individually, generating in to the six figures. It requires developing a niche, for example writing copy for that insurance industry, and creating clientele, but it's possible to produce your personal best-having to pay job like a copywriter.

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