What is a Freelance Writer?

March 30, 2021
What is a Freelance Writer?

Unqualified to qualifiedIf I’ve learned one factor coaching freelance authors, it’s this: Authors are hung on qualifications.

If only I'd a cent for whenever a author explained:

“I’ve always aspired to pursue work like a freelance author, but considering that I lack a journalism degree, I felt unqualified.”

Except I simply stepped in and began writing anyway.

That readiness to risk it and expose my writing around the world despite not getting traditional reporter qualifications compensated off in, amongst other things:

  • Showing up in the la Occasions and Wall Street Journal
  • Two staff-writing jobs that certainly needed a bachelor’s degree
  • Winning a nationwide business writing award the very first time within my newsweekly’s 25-year history

Here’s the key: Authors never feel legit. All of us seem like ripoffs.

The effective authors simply do it anyway.

Lately, I had been reminded of the throughout a really funny presentation at . Top blogger Darren Rowse of ProBlogger set up a slide explaining his qualifications for beginning his blog:

My personal favorite one needs to be where he couldn’t learn how to even bold text! His point was he'd simply no business beginning your blog. But he desired to blog, so he began writing anyway.

The thing is, writing isn’t work where qualifications matter. If only more authors understood that.

Or otherwise the standard kind, anyway.

The qualifications you have to be a effective freelance author or blogger aren’t gained inside a college. If you possess the qualifications I list below, you are well on the right path like a freelance author and lots of doorways are likely to reveal to you.

Darren Rowse's credentialsListed here are the 3 qualifications you actually need:


When you are told a bit of news, are you asking them questions about this? Wondering what's going to happen next? Why this factor has happened? After which, do you experience feeling compelled to find out more?

It is really an required for any author. You have to explore. To request questions. To understand. And also to share that which you discover using the world with the written word.

That natural curiosity will give you far. I’m always joking that i'm the initial cat that curiosity wiped out. And cut back. I drive my loved ones nuts with my questions regarding everything.

That drive to understand and understand provides you with a steady flow of interesting stuff to create about this nobody had the idea to understand more about.


You need to keep pushing, despite the fact that there’s a lot of competition available. You need to be brave and assured you have something unique to give the world inside your prose.

You may be an excellent author relaxing in the back bed room typing alone. But with no courage to write, you cannot develop a career like a author.


I lately been told by somebody that wanted me to provide them some training. He introduced he'd $a million staying with you and desired to start writing for something fun to complete.

Source: www.makealivingwriting.com
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