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January 18, 2017
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Many people are asking whether you'll be able to make a nice income offering freelance blogging services.

The solution in a single short word is – yes. (Who are able to forget that Jon Morrow charges around 3K for any blog publish, I certainly haven’t).

Yes, it's totally possible. However, that does not mean it's also easy.

The majority of the effective freelance writers, including myself, who've gone lower this path only have began earning money after investing in lots of effort and a lot of effort

You cannot start blogging today, making money tomorrow – unless of course you're a celebrity and have major connections within the blogging industry which will back you and also make certain you receive observed

Why I grew to become an independent blogger

I'm obsessive about a couple of things in existence: books and Internet. That’s things i survive, that’s things i eat.

After I left my full-time marketing/teaching job within the education sector to boost my children, I didn't realize that I will not be returning for any very long time. Things required a turn for that worse (story for an additional time) in your own home front and my existence was literally transformed for good.

I ongoing to remain home. I Then thought I'd train inside a primary school since the hrs were shorter. I already had experience teaching Business Communications, Business Writing and Social Abilities, but on the greater level.

I returned to Uni to obtain a teaching degree, as well as began my blog, referred to as Marya Creates. It was 2 yrs ago. For 2 years, I went after my publish-grad degree, did my teaching models, cared for my children and authored on my small blog.

I had been following all of the blogs that interested me – mostly blogs about blogging, writing and marketing. I learnt to create as an A-list blogger. I began having to pay focus on head lines and spent hrs searching at steps to make my posts engaging, compelling and share-worthy.

Within 6 several weeks, I transformed your blog title, gone to live in self located wordpress platform, and decided on a minimalist theme in my blog. And I didn't create a cent from my blog.

I only began offering my freelance copy writing (I've got a Master of business administration – Marketing) and blogging services this The month of january. I gradually began landing work and now i'm making 1 / 2 of my earnings from blogging projects.

Other success tales

Do you consider I'm the only person? No, I'm not. Lots of freelance writers are discussing their success tales all around the web.

For example, Tom Ewer of Departing Work Behind did this publish lately at Daily Blog Tips appropriately tiled ‘. To not be surpassed, Oni of Youthful Prepro accompanied together with his story ‘.

And lastly the final publish that caught my attention the publish on Freelance Switch using the title ‘’ by Leo Babauta. The Leo Babauta. I had been still itching my mind until I observed the language the publish initially made an appearance in 2007.

Now you ask ,: why would you like to be a freelance blogger?

Request yourself, why you need to be a freelance blogger particularly? Why don't you other kinds of writing? (I'm presuming you're a freelance worker so not discussing if become a freelancer is the solution you're looking for).

To reply to my very own question, I ONLY read books or blogs. I'm not the sunday paper or (regrettably) a newspaper person. This is actually the type of writing I like hugely. This is one way I interact with people. So it seems sensible that i can do that.

I additionally have experience with being employed as a company author and that i enjoy helping others market their professional services. This enables me to provide blogging included in my overall copy writing services.

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