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January 16, 2015
A Beginner s Guide To Find

Freelancing writing gigs for 2015You will find lots of good, quality writing gigs online. You just need to know where you can look and just how to locate them. It’s a well known subject too a publish on how to locate writing gigs online was probably the most popular about this blog in 2013.

Yes, you read that properly – Used to do say 2013! Since we’re at the beginning of 2015 now I figured it time I offered an up-to-date listing of how to locate writing gigs online.

As I uphold the concept the very best writing gigs are acquired by eliminating the center (wo)guy and pitching straight to clients, you will find obviously exceptions for this rule.

Oh, you need to hear the exceptions? Not a problem:

  • Become a freelancer websites and job boards are specifically helpful if you are just beginning out, when you might not make many contacts, nor have existing clients to attest to you yet.
  • Because existence isn’t perfect, you will find also individuals occasions when you simply need the odd writing gig or two to keep you afloat.
  • Some regular, well-having to pay customers are also found on become a freelancer sites and job boards. I understand because I’ve found them.

How to locate Writing Gigs Online – the Up-to-date 2015 List:

The large (OK, large-ant) news in the tail-finish of 2013/oncoming of 2014 was the merging of two similar become a freelancer sites – Elance and oDesk. After I authored the initial publish on how to locate writing gigs online, Elance and oDesk were rival platforms.


Despite merging, the 2 sites continue to be distinguished from one another, using their own branding and individual websites. I've observed that both sites’ designs happen to be up-to-date since i have last authored, with searching a lot more inviting to make use of.

You will find a wide variety of writing gigs to select from on these websites, varying from content and blog conntacting proofreading and translation – plus many, a lot more. I additionally hear plenty of Elance and oDesk success tales in the become a freelancer writing community (mainly from across water-feature in the usa.)


Since these sites are extremely popular and well-known, there's lots of stiff competition. When you shouldn’t permit this to deter you, you need to know it does often drive lower the per-hour or per-gig rate. Initially when i first began out like a freelance author I pitched for any couple of writing gigs on Elance before quitting and determining rather to pitch to firms that weren’t advertising directly – therefore cutting this fierce competition for jobs lower to, well, about zero really.

I believe the average rate for any writing gig across both sites hasn’t transformed much (it’s notoriously lower in nearly all cases). With that said, I’m not even close to participating in these websites therefore if any visitors can provide us an update in this region, be kind enough to do this within the comments section at the end of the publish.

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