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April 10, 2015
The cash machine is blue and

Reviews to:
Executive Director Creative &lifier Marketing Services

Position Overview:

New You are able to Media, writer of recent You are able to magazine,, The Cut, Vulture, Grub Street, and Science people, needs a skilled top quality content manager to concept, build and execute native brand campaigns for marketers that leverage our digital ad items and drive revenue.

The candidate would be the primary creative contact for those top quality content campaigns and can work carefully with sales, creative services, ad operations, and product to produce effective and interesting encounters. He/they must have the ability to effortlessly transition between New York’s multiple digital qualities and precisely reflect the voice of every brand.

We're searching for a person who’s enthusiastic about the creative process and is capable of doing handling the whole campaign, including initial ideation in brainstorms for RFPs, controlling client revisions, and evaluating metrics to hone and recommend content strategy.

The candidate is going to be likely to monitor digital journalism, content marketing industry news and developments, integrating individuals elements into our programs and maintaining your team apprised.

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