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May 24, 2019
Write for a living and earn

It's sad, but true: Not everybody could work full-time writing for that Pittsburgh City Paper. But fortunately, City Paper offers ample possibilities for self employed and ambitious interns alike. Both options provide you with all the advantages of seeing your title in publications, but without the troublesome encumberances full-timers must deal with, like staff conferences and health care coverage. Really, what is better?

Thinking about benefiting from these possibilities? Here's our brief guide to let you know how.

Someone decides they would like to freelance for Pittsburgh City Paper. Sometimes it's the necessity to create a couple of quick dollars, no questions requested. Sometimes it is a burning need to proclaim the reality inside a world filled with lies. But largest, someone accumulates the telephone and states, "I wish to write for you personally.Inch

"Okay, " we are saying. "Give me an idea to create?Inch

"Ummm, " the ambitious freelance worker states. "You realize — articles."

We use freelance talent each week, so we value the contributions produced by our self employed. But we do not simply take self employed from from the street that's the way we hire editors. Whenever a prospective freelance worker really wants to write for all of us, we've two questions:

Is that this person in a position to bring us tales we can not get by ourselves?
and it is this individual able to really writing the storyline?

To reply to the initial question, you have to bring us some story pitches. These ought to be tales you believe we'll want — and tales we do not curently have.

Can you be sure what kind of material qualifies? The simplest strategy is to check out the paper. See what we should already publish ... and just what we do not. Tailor your opinions accordingly. Listed here are a couple of hints to enable you to get began.

What we should are curious about: Tales about local artists. Tales about local news and politics. Tales about Pittsburgh, in most its love and squalor.

What we are uninterested in: Political screeds about how exactly great Leader Obama's. Political screeds about how exactly awful Leader Obama's. First-person essays. Your problems.

Regarding that second question — can this individual write the storyline themselves? — we are searching for skilled authors and thorough reporters who be aware of territory. The very best evidence of these characteristics is clips of formerly released work. Articles for the college newspaper, freelance items you did for community papers, Pulitzer Prize-winning multi-part series from The Brand New You are able to Occasions ... we'll discuss just about anything.

Send us a hyperlink to online material, if necessary, or photocopy released material and send it in. (Don't send originals — your mother really wants to save individuals!)

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