Freelance writing ideas

June 24, 2017
Freelance Writing Ideas

Hand writing Content Marketing with black marker on transparent wipe board.Submissions are hot. Everybody is speaking about content marketing.

If you are an independent blogger or author, content marketing is probably a part of your work. But even other self employed can usually benefit from a great content strategy.

Regrettably for many, to sign up in content marketing, you'll want some happy to share. And approaching with new and inventive suggestions for content could be tough–even when the ideas are only concerned with your personal become a freelancer blog.

This publish is made to assist with this problem. I’m discussing a huge listing of 27 content ideas that you could adapt for your own personel content needs. Should you loved this publish, you may even like Why Self employed Need Content Too.

Content Ideas that Can’t Miss

Are you currently stumped? Are you currently getting trouble approaching with something to create about? Here are a few great suggestions to help:

  1. Take a look at Google Trends. Google Trends is a terrific way to discover what's popular now. It shows the most popular search subjects.
  2. Check out the Best Seller List. The Brand New You are able to Occasions best seller list is a great source of finding winning ideas. If use a books on the subject, they'll most likely also read content about this.
  3. Browse the Comments. Your comments ought to associated with a blog publish or article really are a wealthy supply of content ideas. Search for questions, links to additional assets, and discussions.
  4. Update an early on Subject. Your older articles and posts might be outdated now. Or you might have transformed the mind concerning the subject.
  5. Cover another Position. There's rarely just one method to consider a subject. Take a look at old content for ideas that you could talk about from the different perspective.
  6. React to a Publish on Another Blog. Have you got a strong opinion (negative or positive) in regards to a publish you continue reading another blog? Connect to the initial publish and share your ideas.
  7. Write an evaluation. Stuff you can review include books, software programs, websites, and much more. Make sure to correctly disclose any obligations or items you obtain as payment for the review.
  8. Produce a Tips List. A number of my most widely used posts are tips lists. Actually, you’re reading through one at this time. :) Lists also are usually very sharable on social networking.
  9. Do an Interview. Many authors and writers be put off by interviews, but it's simpler to get somebody to accept a job interview than you may imagine.
  10. Publish market research. Place a survey in your web or blogsite and you may accomplish two goals in the same time–learn regarding your visitors and attract survey participants.
  11. Share Your Preferred Pic. Most posts and articles will include a minumum of one image. However, many content entrepreneurs don’t understand that images can frequently standalone.
  12. Produce a Video. Video is yet another type of multimedia content that visitors like to reshare on social networking.
  13. Record a Podcast. Podcasts are another type of content that writers and authors sometimes ignore.
  14. Take a look at Social Networking Trends. If your particular subject is talked about frequently, odds are that it is a great subject to create about.
  15. Tell a tale. Depending your website, tales may take the type of situation studies or they may be your very own encounters.
  16. Possess a Contest or perhaps a Giveaway. A great contest can definitely draw traffic. You are able to solicit awards from sponsors, or provide them yourself.
  17. Solve an issue. If a person person includes a problem, odds are that others have a similar problem. Give a practical solution if you're able to.
  18. Train. Lessons really are a popular kind of content. Consider using a step-by-step approach with illustrations. Be as specific as possible.
  19. Share a tale. Humor is yet another component that makes content very sharable. However it needs to function as the right kind of humor–funny, although not offensive.
  20. Give...
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