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July 9, 2017
A Seattle freelance writer

So, you need to write for Dallas magazine? A number of our best ideas originate from our self employed, but we receive a large number of queries each day. Before you decide to read our writers' recommendations (and commit these to memory, obviously), we want to provide these tips about how to obtain a freelance gig around.

  • Always pitch a real story idea. Delivering an e-mail that merely allows us know you are an independent author open to write does not really inform us a great deal in regards to you, for example what you are thinking about writing and just how you'd write it.
  • Really browse the magazine before you decide to pitch. Become familiar with the standard posts and departments. Inside your pitch, explain whereby playboy you believe your story would best fit. Obviously, everybody thinks their story ought to be around the cover, there is however an entire science which goes into what we should choose as cover tales, which raises...
  • Highlight the popularity inside your story pitch. Bear in mind which cover tales are likely to be readers service-oriented: Best Restaurants, 10 Great Northwest Escapes, Top Paperwork, etc. but we like these to be trend-driven.
  • If pitching a travel story, only pitch regional travel tales. Because individuals get Dallas magazine to understand more about this city and also the surrounding region, we rarely publish travel tales on Mexico, Europe, etc. But our visitors deeply love to consider outings inside the Northwest, so we are searching for interesting regional travel tales for that trendy traveler that weren't broadly covered elsewhere in media. We cover the geographic area between B.C. to Tigard to Spokane (or a little further east) towards the coast. Understand how to write newsy tales along with the lighter stuff. Nearly all our pitches come from travel and food authors, that is fine, what we are really looking for are authors who wish to talk about juicy, newsy subjects happening within the Dallas area. These tales would definitely run within the Hot Button department or like a feature.

Who's Writing And Illustrating Playboy?

The editors assign roughly 75% from the tales every month to local freelance authors. The rest is compiled by employees. We hire local authors only simply because they possess the best knowledge of the town and it is vernacular. Dallas magazine includes a regular food editor, fashion stylist and Expensive/Talk writer, in addition to a quantity of adding editors who write for that magazine frequently. Nearly 80 % of story art is designated to local photography enthusiasts and illustrators through the art director.

That do I pitch my story to?

Query Methods

We Don't Accept Queries Over the telephone.

Queries ought to be posted on paper via e-mail or fax only and contain four parts:

  1. What's the story? A short synopsis designed in design for your suggested piece.
  2. How would you tell it? Detail what sources you'll use and just how you'll investigate the story.
  3. Why? Answer the "what exactly?" How can this be story important now? How can this be story suitable for Dallas magazine? How's this highly relevant to our city?
  4. The reason for the best person to inform this story? What exactly are your qualifications and experience? What's your expertise and accessibility subject material?
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