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August 9, 2016
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Goldfish bowlWhen you're working solo at home, how easy could it be to juggle the requirements of managing a freelance working as a consultant? Photograph: Getty Images Getty Images/Getty Images

Departing full-time employment, and getting all of the abilities and expertise acquired through the years to setup like a self-employed consultant, has turned into a popular move for individuals inside a wide range of industries and industries. In the past, it happens to be a choice of preference for senior managers who've faced redundancy or taken early retirement, however with an increasing freelance work market, it presents possibilities for any much larger mix portion of people.

The term consultant denotes somebody that is authoritative and knowledgeable on the particular subject, which experience and know-how are something which other organisations need and are prepared to purchase. However when you will work solo, out of your home, how easy could it be to locate and win contracts inside a crowded and highly competitive freelance working as a consultant marketplace, yet still time juggling the duties of the small company owner, controlling finance and cash flow, planning marketing methods, and handling documents?

It's a challenge that music education agent and consultant Nigel Taylor, located in Stafford, is simply dealing with grips with, getting just completed 33 many years of being employed as an open servant in education in a number of roles, including teacher, music agent, Ofsted inspector, and mind of cultural development.

He states: "Although I have only lately be a freelance consultant, I began planning for that move more than a year ago. It involved lots of planning, some market testing and lots of soul searching, but since i had prepared, the transition was simpler than I was expecting.Inch

His criteria for the kind of work he's searching for include contracts where he feels he is able to add real value, which may also interest and stretch him.

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