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September 3, 2014
ROVOP to Create 60 Jobs (UK)

A workplace area with 6 rooms, a waiting area and receptionist desk A 50 vehicle parking area 31 classes (a couple of them being science labs.) These class shuld be damaged into 3 blocks. a cafeteria that may hold 12 lengthy tables able to seating 8 people each along with a serving areas for that kitchen crew, along with a kitchen/dish cleaning area. A six lane 25m pool on campus An expert grade football (soccer) pitch on campus Basketball court on campus which doubles like a volleyball court and 4 short tennis courts Standalone altering rooms with showers and lavatories a 400m running track, five football (soccer) fields along with a full-size softball area Boathouse for kayaking and dive classes Gym for Gymnastics and Judo, and Strength and conditioning equipment.


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