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November 25, 2016
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Work on Your Own Terms: The Career Path to Freelance Graphic DesignPhoto courtesy Dennis O'Brien

There's an idealized job: The main one in which you help make your own hrs, choose that which you do and are accountable to couple of — or no — people. The existence from the freelance worker. Using the uncertainty of today’s modern employment landscape, focusing on your personal terms is enticing as always. However, as desirable because this sounds, creating a legitimate living by doing this isn't without its challenges.

Learning by Design

Sylvester attended the style Institute of Technology (FIT) in New You are able to City where she received her associate’s degree in communication design and her bachelor’s in packaging design. At that time, it had been the only real school enabling you to major in this discipline, but realizing it as being a distinct segment industry which was growing, she went after it.

Working out at FIT was focused more about real-world programs of design. “It wasn’t like, ‘redesign this vehicle to become a flower planter, ” Sylvester jests. “It was a lot more like, ‘imagine you need to design baby formula with this age bracket and demographic — how does one do it?’ You’re given actuals briefs to operate from. However, you remained as capable of being conceptual, that is essential in my industry despite the fact that lots of work you need to do could be type of corporate.”

While still in class, she required on internships that weren’t needed by her program. She was wanting to learn and develop at work experience, explaining that they “interned four occasions before I acquired employment and that i did that as part-time job outdoors of the items was needed of me from soccer practice. Experience is equally as essential as your portfolio. Otherwise much more.”

From Corporate to Freelance

After graduation, Sylvester arrived employment in the design firm Gem Fisher where she was senior designer. There she did illustration, branding and style work with various children’s and food brands. Of her time there she states, “I loved working at Gem Fisher and I truly do believe it had become a good option I possibly could of attended start my design career.”

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