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March 23, 2015
What is my (graphic design)

When prices design work, most business-savvy graphic and web-site designers don’t charge on an hourly basis like lawyers and auto mechanics do. Why bother calculating per hour rate?

We shed some light on prices design operate in HOW Magazine and on the website regularly. The data collected here by a web-based survey* that came 996 reactions and shows what designers round the U.S. are charging for his or her design services. Here are laptop computer results:

Where would you work?

46% Solo design practice or full-time freelance business
17% Graphics firm
31% In-house design department

77% No
23% Yes

What's your hourly rate (combined average, for solo professionals)?

Average Low High
Northeast $74 $37.50 $150
Area $65 $25 $110
West $67 $20
South $68 $350

What type of hourly rate would you use?

61% Combined (just one, averaged rate for those billable functions)
32% Different rates per task (for example proofreading, design, strategy)
2% Different rates per seniority level (creative company directors charge greater than junior designers)
6% Other

How have you determine your hourly rate?

28% With different formula including overhead, salaries along with other financial factors
46% According to common rates for design within my area
37% With different best guess or stomach feeling
13% Other

Would you share your hourly rate with clients?

82% Yes
18% No

44% Yes
56% No

Have you got a “Pain within the A@@” up-charge?

40% Yes
60% No

Have you got a hurry fee?

40% Yes
60% No

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What exactly are designers saying regarding their rates?

“I usually give an exciting inclusive estimate according to this rate, and can specify that anything past the scope from the estimate is going to be charged each hour.”—Northeast

“I find clients decide to get an estimate for income in the whole. A per-hour fee means they are nervous, because they have no idea the number of hrs I'll accrue. Estimating a task with different good belief estimate of what must be done me to towards the work assures I recieve compensated fairly in my efforts. Working effectively and finishing tasks a lot sooner than I estimate is the same as extra profit. This doesn't need a switch to the initial decided fee, or even the relation to delivery, but still enables me to satisfy the anticipation from the client. During the period of annually it may also help make amends for the projects which, take me more than I expect.”—West

“For probably the most part people panic once they hear per hour rate. But they are fine whenever you let them know a task will definitely cost $X. Costs exactly the same in either case, however it focuses them around the large picture of prices as opposed to the particulars.”—Midwest

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