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July 6, 2015
Status report following a half year.

Around one half last year, I quit my full-time job in a creative agency in Stuttgart, Germany. I went directly into fullTime freelance work and I‘ve never looked back. In the following paragraphs, I wish to share my ideas about as being a freelance designer because it might be a helpful source of others who wish to become independent at some point or who're already freelance.

Making the cut

As being a full-time worker in a company might seem fine in the beginning - safe earnings, set working hrs (this really is both negative and positive), compensated holidays and, in some instances, some type of an added bonus at Christmas. I loved becoming an worker, however i desired to achieve some thing, not only build boring stuff for mostly boring clients. I needed to earn more, I needed to create my very own working hrs, I needed to possess more spare time and that i desired to relocate to some location where I felt more in your own home. Thinking about each one of these aspects, it was not this type of large key to simply make the cut - that we did.

The overall costs

As being a freelance worker is much like operating a business and you have to be conscious of this fact. Probably the most important secrets to some effective clients are getting track of your money and calculating how much cash you'll need which dates.


Getting savings before you decide to be a fullTime freelance worker is essential, particularly if you don't have any existing clients. Personally, I saved around 25k € before I went freelance which was an excellent idea. Fortunately Irrrve never required to touch these funds, but it‘s great for your psyche when you are aware you have something to reside on even when you don‘t have compensated gigs. I believe that just how much you need to save prior to going freelance really is dependent on whether you know many people who might require the services you provide or you a minimum of know how to locate these folks. However, I believe saving enough money to reside on for approximately 6 several weeks, without additional earnings, ought to be the minimum.

Freelancer Working In Studio Video Stock Footage
Freelancer Working In Studio Video Stock Footage
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