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July 9, 2015
To Find Freelance Jobs

Together, your portfolio and LinkedIn take its place. This really is great news for many people: your portfolio and profile are most likely an infinitely more accurate and full-featured description of what you are.

Each and every gig I've requested previously many years have checked out my LinkedIn profile before they hired me. (I requested.) Don’t lose out on all of the gig possibilities on LinkedIn by not making the most of your profile:

Key facets of your profile

Your profile photo

This is actually the first way you'll be judged in your profile.

Add previous jobs and gigs, having a short description of every.

And That I mean short: never be that individual that creates 10 lines for every job. I keep the outline to two-3 line. I additionally place it in normal, non-resume-speak (which many people may disagree with). And So I write “I authored copy…” with no bullet instead of “[bullet] Authored copy…”

In the event you add all of your gigs?

If you were become a freelancer for some time, you’ve had lots of gigs. In the event you list all of your clients, or in the event you just write something similar to “Owner, Lindsay Businesses, ” having a description of the core business design?

Both of these approaches have different benefits. I recommend a contented marriage of these two, therefore it would look something similar to this:


Lindsay Businesses

[What your company does]. A few of the clients I’ve labored with: Barney, Jesse Trump, and Blue’s Clues.

Get creative about projects

In your business listing I spoken about above, the projects connected together with your business should basically function as the star products inside your portfolio. Include documents, presentations, writing samples, screenshots of web sites you’ve built.

If you are much more of a talking to or soft services business, it may be smart to produce a Slideshare presentation or video regarding your business rather.


Furthermore endorsements look great in your profile, but they’re also a terrific way to strengthen an association with someone you’ve labored with on the gig.

I’ve also used endorsements to artistically “remind” an earlier employer which i exist. You’re obviously providing them with a geniune endorsement, but additionally keep in mind that whenever you endorse them, your title seems within their mailbox. That’s healthy for you! (Just don’t abuse it - get it done once. Constantly promoting someone feels pretty false.)


Don’t lose out on among the best (free) marketing tools for the business: getting previous customers to discuss how great you're.

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