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March 17, 2015

Historic writing deskCrumbs, the ultimate column of 2013. I'm not sure in regards to you however this year is, to be honest, one I'm going to be glad to determine the rear of. It has been annually of numerous tests, multiple hardships and frustratingly little progress, although what progress there's been is from the kind that's prone to last and can see me well established to surge ahead in 2014. This Is The Plan anyway. What Is The Plan, will i hear you request? Ah, well …

Not so long ago there is a really tired middle-aged lady who'd recently taken a couple of hard knocks and made the decision that arrived finally to reinvent herself on her "retirement". As everyone knows, there's simply no possibility of a gilded retirement with this generation with no actual fairy godmother, with insufficient containers of pension gold, closet ageism, a dearth of Prince Charmings older than 55 (should you want for just one), earnings falling quicker than Jack's beanstalk and all sorts of jolly relaxation from it. There might, actually, be no desire to retire within the traditional sense anyway. The conundrum of "what's going to occur to me for the following 3 decadesInch is really a thorny problem Snow Whitened never really needed to lose sleep over.

In the real life and from pantomime analogies, I'd frequently joked with buddies concerning the Invisible Lady Retirement Plan, which comprised from the vague concept of moving right into a type of elegant bohemianism like a lady author with felines. This past year I really made it happen. I required that plunge from the precipice of the regular salary and joined the uncharted waters of freelance existence – at probably the worst time ever when it comes to the likelihood of success. I am no economist, I am a fool, but my reasoning was when I did not do it i then most likely never would, or it might be past too far to test. I already had the felines – Pushkin and Titus – and that i am very tired. I needed to take more time doing the items I needed to complete. It was a large decision then, among the greatest – and something that lots of middle-aged women pick and worry at, usually around three each morning.

My Freelance Career : All About Freelance Blogging Jobs
My Freelance Career : All About Freelance Blogging Jobs
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VLOG - My Job As A Freelance Writer
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