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April 27, 2014
To start freelance writing

How Successful, Work-From-Home Freelance Writers Really Find WorkThey’re wishing I'm able to send them a hyperlink with a magical job board or putting in a bid site where large-title copy writing clients and $1/word magazine editors are posting advertisements seeking authors.

Well, here’s the one thing: There’s an inverse relationship between how easy a gig is to buy and just how lucrative it's.

So now you ask ,: Would you like to get it done the easiest way — or the way in which will get you projects?

In which the writing gigs aren’t

(That’s a metaphor, but really, I believe a jar of peanuts could be more vital compared to cash these authors would make money from an average article.)

Good clients don’t advertise for authors online simply because they have professional authors visiting them. For instance, you’ll most likely never see $1 – $2 per word magazines like Redbook, Entrepreneur or Health posting on project sites. (And when you find it, it'll likely be that they’re searching for “citizen journalists” — another term for “unpaid authors.”)

And she’s right: What else can you call clients who are prepared to dig through 1000's of programs from low-quality authors who're slavering to attain $5 to have an 800-word article? You aren't certainly one of individuals low-quality authors, so these customers are not for you personally.

Yes, you will find some compensated job boards that vet entries to make certain they pay a good rate. But individuals free ones most authors flock to? Not too good.

OK, now I’ve scared the jelly from you by saying there's no good way to find writing gigs. But the good thing is, should you help with more effort in searching for, being approved and approaching prospects, you are able to land projects that pay 100 occasions what you will make from some content mill that promotes online.

An excellent truth of writing is:

Shoe leather counts

Here’s an illustrative example. Let’s pretend we’re meeting with the author who makes mere pennies and the one that constitutes a good living writing, and also have requested all these authors, “How are you finding gigs?”

Here’s exactly what the cheapie author would say:

“So, I am going to sites like Elance and spend a couple of hrs searching with the advertisements, and that i affect those that pays me a minimum of $5 per article.

“When I recieve a project, I bang it very fast so I’m making $10 each hour! I spend considerable time scrolling through advertisements, and write to a few prospects each week.Inches

And also the author who rakes in lots of money would say this:

“OK, and so i look at different companies on the internet and keep my eyes open within the real life for trade magazines I would have the ability to pitch, since that’s the marketplace I love to write for. I write for that banking and bank industry, so another factor I actually do happens when I visit a bank or inflict banking online, I request the individual dealing with me what industry trades they read.

“When I find the best market, I just read it on the internet and evaluate which types of articles they run and if the content is compiled by freelance authors, staffers (meaning it normally won't use self employed) or skillfully developed (who typically aren’t compensated).

“Then, when the magazine appears like a great match, I write a personalized Letter of Introduction that outlines a couple of specific article ideas and my qualifications. I sort through LinkedIn or even the magazine’s web site to sleuth the best editor to pitch as well as their current email address, after which I send my LOI to that particular person.

Freelance Writing Jobs from Home for Creative Thinkers Be
Freelance Writing Jobs from Home for Creative Thinkers Be ...
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Real Writing Jobs - Freelance Part Time Work From Home
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