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September 8, 2016
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I have been employed by about 2 yrs in vWorker. I have attempted another websites, like freelance without results.

This is a comparison between vWorker and a few other freelance websites:

It's some advantages (in my experience) over other websites. For instance:

  • Whenever you bid inside a project, other programmers cannot call at your bid.

    It is good since it increases (or avoid lowering) the cost from the projects.
    Consider some coder requested $50 for any project. You might request $45, and the other coder $40 to acquire it...
    In other people websites, I have seen how cost decreases from $500 to $150 (due to this)

  • There's an excellent arbitration system.
  • When you are recognized by a company to operate on the project, he/she puts his/her profit vWorker. This means when you complete the work before deadline, you'll be able to be 100% sure you will get compensated.
  • You will find plenty of projects approaching each minuteOrhr. Within this moment, you will find 2, 432 open projects.

It is best to something:
Regardless of what site you decide to start focusing on: Be great with what you wantOrdo.

It's correct: you will find plenty of programmers in individuals freelance sites, but plenty of them have only the fundamental understanding of the couple of subjects. This means they will not have the ability to operate in a medium-difficult project (whether it's a small or perhaps a large project). Maybe they are unable to focus on a in C under Linux )

Obviously, you will find plenty of good people too, what I have experienced is the fact that it isn't most.

Have fun with that.
Happy become a freelancer )

The very first time I visited vWorker, I wasn't too thinking about the projects I saw. I Then did not go to the site any longer for around per month. Eventually, I began going to it again to find out if there is something interesting, and that i recognized about something:

You will find plenty of new projects every day, and incredibly frequently, whenever you go to the site, you are seeing merely a couple of projects of this day, because lots were already granted with a programmers. The thing is that you ought to go to the site frequently in within 24 hours, since the projects you may be seeing, may be the less interesting projects. Actually, you will find really older projects where those who published it will not award these to any coder, just because they do not mind about this any longer.

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