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June 19, 2018
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Freelance authors can decide between posting a finished article or perhaps a query letter for an editor. Nowadays most editors should you prefer a one-page query letter, usually e-mailed. Before you pitch any article, you must understand what magazines publish your subject. Before I write articles on the familiar or unfamiliar subject, When i first explore potential guides that publish such subjects. I actually do this inside a couple of ways:

1) I search on the internet for relevant magazines.

2) I go to the magazine's website and study through its content.

3) I evaluate the magazine's writer's recommendations.

4) I evaluate the magazine's editorial calendar. An editorial calendar will explain exactly what the editor intends to publish within the coming several weeks.

5) I review just how much playboy pays and just what "privileges" it buys. This enables you to eliminate magazines that do not match or exceed your earnings rate or which purchase "All Privileges" for an article (with no privileges ever reverting back).

6) I judge the amount of competition. The risk of a brand new author selling an initial article to some broadly-distributed national magazine that pays $1.00 per word is most likely .01%. A brand new author should goal for regional, local or trade magazines that welcome new authors and pay decent rates.


Sometimes I support my research by heading out within the area. What this signifies, literally, is the fact that I visit my local library (it's right lower the road my home) and my local book shop to survey the kinds of magazines within the area of interest I have discussed. Inside my local book shop, I'm able to go to the magazine rack where magazine game titles are fanned out across different tiers and pinpoint magazines that may publish my subject.

Alternatively, you can go to Amazon .'s magazine subscription category and check for relevant magazines. Although Amazon . won't list all relevant magazines which are released within the U.S., it'll assist you in finding typically the most popular magazines.

Bing is an alternative choice. For instance, to look for travel magazines, you are able to go into the search phrase "travel magazines, " and Google will often list typically the most popular travel magazines. If you wish to find travel trade magazines, you just add some keyword "trade" towards the search term.

Finally, I personally use a directory known as "Writer's Market" [website]. This paperback compendium of magazine marketplaces profiles 100s of editors and marketers who accept distribution from freelance authors. Each profile allows guess what happens the editor wants, the things they pay, how you can submit, and whom to make contact with.

I personally use the internet edition of Writer's Market and's Writer's Recommendations Database to look for additional guides that publish articles on subjects that I have already discussed to ensure that I'm able to potentially re-sell a formerly released article.


Freelance authors can make use of two potentially lucrative magazine marketplaces: trade magazines and general-interest magazines.

Trade magazines are guides targeted at specific industries from insurance to construction to teaching or nearly every other area. Because marketers distribute trade magazines straight to customers, they're less visible but frequently pay better kinds of magazines. You are able to research trade magazines at the library, online, or perhaps in "Writer's Market."

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