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July 28, 2021
Writing invoice

You probably know this: A lot of us freelance authors are strong around the writing side from the business, not-so-strong around the business/money side. I understand that when you switch within an article, you need to move onto the following writing project — not get bogged lower in documents. But when you need to get compensated, you have to invoice your customers. Here’s how to get it done.

Record it. The moment you receive a project, record the cash particulars on the spreadsheet. Should you choose it immediately, you will not forget after which need to search through old e-mails and contracts to rebuild the data. I did previously hands-write the particulars inside a chart I produced in Ms Word, however I personally use an Stand out spreadsheet produced by my writing buddy Elaine Grant that contributes everything up for me personally. The spreadsheet includes the title from the client, a job, the invoice number, the deadline for that check, and also the amount due. I in addition have a column for compensated bills, then when a customer send us a check, I slowly move the amount in the “owed” column towards the “paid” column. This way, I'm able to keep an eye on just how much I made and just how much I’m still owed. I in addition have a “notes” column in order to note, for instance, basically accompanied with an past due invoice.

Do it. Whenever you finish a project, send the invoice together with or soon after the content. Basically don’t do that, I almost always forget and also the editor jogs my memory per month later they never received a bill. Eek!

Choose a system. You’ll require a numbering system for the bills, both to ensure that you can preserve tabs on them and to ensure that accounts due departments can reference the invoice number once they pay out. Some authors make use of the date along with a number showing which invoice it's for instance, the 2nd invoice sent on June 1, 2009 could be 060109-2.

Select a format. You may create bills a variety of ways, so that as lengthy as the client can open and browse your invoice, it doesn’t really matter that you simply choose. I did previously just copy the invoice from Word into the e-mail body…it wasn’t too pretty, however it labored all right. Now, I create my bills utilizing a Word invoice template and fix it towards the e-mail towards the editor. (I believe the brand new way looks more professional, although it most likely makes no difference when it comes to how quickly I recieve compensated.) Want a simple invoice? I discovered a totally free Stand out invoice template on Trying to find “free invoicing templates” on the internet may also internet you good quality ones.

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