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February 17, 2016
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Editor's note: Guest blogger Kerry Winfrey is definitely an office manager during the day, freelance author by evening. Type of like Flashdance, but she does not need to put on a welding mask. She creates about youthful adult books for HelloGiggles and blogs at her website, Thanks for visiting Ladyville.

After I made the decision to do this whole “freelance writing” factor, I'd no clue how to start. While there’s lots of advice available from effective, released authors, things i wanted was the aid of somebody that was where I'm now. That is in the beginning, essentially. So that’s what this really is: if you wish to give writing a go, here’s my advice (based only on my small personal expertise):

1. Begin a blog.
I’ve pointed out this before, but when you need to write and it's not necessary your blog, then what exactly are you doing on your own? It’s one factor should you much like writing out on another need other people to see it to feel validated, but when that’s the situation then you definitely have no idea be concerned about doing become a freelancer. You can easily would you and a journal. But, if you are at all like me, you've got a pathetic requirement for attention along with a freakish, almost worrisome wish to have people read your projects. Generate a blog (I personally use WordPress since it appears very “website-y” in my experience and it is simple to use, but many stylish people use Tumblr, that is certainly simple and easy , better for discussing things, however it doesn’t really appear you utilize) and invest in a posting schedule. After I began my blog, I published at least one time each day, usually two times. Work out how frequently you need to blog, but I’d recommend a minimum of a couple of occasions per week. Your blog provides you with practice, provides you with some accountability, provides you with some validation and feedback, as well as provides you with some good examples of the try to distribute.

2. Begin small.
Really small. The littlest. Before I began posting things, I visited the library and examined books on writing. I’m early school. Anyway, all of them stated exactly the same factor: in the beginning, you need to simply focus on having your title on things. After I saw that my the local press was searching for 12 guest columnists to create opinion pieces all year round, I submitted an example. I understood the pool of candidates could be small, so I’d likely have it. Then, after i posted other activities, I possibly could state that I authored a viewpoint column for any newspaper. It may sound a lot more impressive than, and that’s the only goal. And not just are you able to if you have released articles, you are able to really show individuals released articles to individuals. This matters a great deal.

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