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March 8, 2015
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As demand increases, the same is true the requirement for freelance authors. That will help you arrange for the entire year ahead, we examined the growing interest in content, checked out how big the writing pool and attempted to reply to age-old question: just how much in the event you pay an independent author?

Growing interest in content

Demand for prime quality content that turns part of your audience right into a having to pay customer is rising.

Research carried out through the Content Marketing Institute shows 94 percent of small company entrepreneurs use content marketing, with 75 % intending to produce more content this season than last.

What type of content are companies creating? Listed here are the very best five types of content, based on the study:

  • Social networking posts
  • Website articles
  • eNewsletters
  • Blogs
  • Videoblogs

To produce the information, brands use freelance authors. Fortunately, the amount of self employed available can also be climbing.

Self employed are hungry for work

New research shows 53 million People in america will work as self employed, which makes up about 34 percent from the labor force. The word “freelancer” describes “any individual that involved in supplemental, temporary of project-based operate in the this past year.”

ratechartAs the study relates to some wide range of self employed, it’s obvious more individuals are departing the 9-5 cube farm in return for freelance work. Which means you shouldn’t have problem locating a qualified freelance author to suit your needs.

Apart from an increasing pool of candidates available, the research shows the audience is very positive concerning the future:

  • 38% of self employed expect their workload to improve
  • 97% of individuals expecting a rise in work say it’s a positive thing
  • 43% expect their wages to increase because they undertake more work

Having to pay freelance authors in 2015

Let’s get lower to the technicality. Just how much in the event you pay an independent author in 2015?

What you’ll pay really is dependent in your goals and also the features that you would like. In case your goal would be to convert a particular number of visitors to clients using your blog content and you'll need a freelance worker to pitch suggestions to you every month, keep your content calendar, create articles, find images to choose the content and format everything in WordPress, your cost will increase. You’ll pay more, but you receive a large amount of capabilities than only a fundamental 400-word blog publish.

We all know you’re searching for more concrete amounts, so here are a few statistics will set freelance wages.

Have a look only at that chart from Writer’s Market. With respect to the project, authors average between $53 an hour or so to $97 an hour or so. Case a snippet from the

Source: blog.ebyline.com
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