Freelance resume Writing

August 15, 2016
Freelance resume writing

Like a freelance worker, you're (or should) be constantly searching for new gigs. Your resume, the classic workhorse from the job search, remains the method in which many self employed do this.

Let’s discuss how you can bring the resume into modern times, mix your pitch together with your resume, and land gigs you aren't *quite* qualified for.

The Resume and Beyond

A resume is not going to fully represent what you are.

This is also true for self employed. You didn’t just work on a number of jobs you built your personal business. You’re a jack/jill of trades. You most likely can’t even fit all of your gigs on a single piece of paper. But here’s what you need to have:

1. The best resume style

You will find many resume options, but regardless of how creative you're, most clients will prefer “traditional” formats with creative content as opposed to a creative/non-traditional/innovative format. Make it simple.

Option 1: Organize by chronology

Your freelance experience seems as you item inside your chronology. You need to incorporate a narrow your search of the best recent experience below that.

Option 2: Organize by skill/function after which chronology

What this means is you’ll first give a listing of four-10 your abilities and projects/game titles with that skill. Something similar to this:

Brand strategy

  • Elevated FishFriends membership by 4Thousand people in 3 several weeks
  • Developed community recommendations for those 40 SuperFishy franchise Facebook accounts
  • Designed new graphic strategy that elevated click-through by 39% at GuppyMobile

This will work for self employed because project and talent are frequently more relevant than timeline. It is also good for those who have gaps in employment. However, you need to follow this having a standard chronology - not getting any dates appears like you’re hiding something.

2. Your very best (recent) experience

Regardless of what design for your resume, self employed have to be careful to focus on their finest experience - not always everything.

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