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April 22, 2015
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For a long time now, I have done writing for magazines and newspapers in an effort to make side earnings, adding to my full-time job. However this year, I have made the conscious proceed to become a freelancer for blogs rather than print guides, to the stage where Now i make about $2Thousand per month like a blog author (excluding my very own blog's earnings or my full-time salary).

Being a freelance blog author is not easy at first, but I have discovered that it's greatly more enjoyable and rewarding. It's well worth the effort.

First, let us discuss how it is enjoy being an independent blog author. To create a great publish, you need to do your homework first, and additionally the writing time, also it can take between 1 hour 30 minutes to three hrs to create your very best stuff. I'm able to generally research and write a great publish in 1 hour 30 minutes if I have trained with just a little thought first (I actually do my thinking while working out, driving, taking a shower, etc.). If you expect to do some become a freelancer, make sure you have the additional time. I write between 6-7 free-lance posts per week (additionally towards the 7-10 I actually do in my own blog), so that's about 9-10 hrs of labor on the top of the normal work.

However the awesome factor about freelance blog writing is you can get it done from the place, any time. So that you can write late during the night, throughout your lunch hour, or early in the day hrs. It can be done on a trip, or while sitting via a boring conference. There is a freedom into it that's very appealing.

How do we start being a freelance blog author? Here are a few of my favorite tips:

Never give up your regular job. Even when you want to be a full-free time-lance author and finally quit your work, do not do it at this time. Test the waters and hone your abilities before you decide to do anything whatsoever drastic. I would recommend free-lance blogging quietly not less than a couple of several weeks (if you are already a skilled author) as well as for 6 several weeks or even more if you are brand-new to the overall game. Grasp that which you do, create a relationship with blogs that pay, and obtain an understanding of the workflow necessary.

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