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April 13, 2017
Hallmark Recovers $47 Million
Wish to submit your art or conntacting a minute card company? Browse the links below for company submission recommendations. *Please be aware: web page addresses for recommendations can alter frequently and it is hard to maintain them. When the recommendations link here is no more valid for an organization, please click their primary hyperlink and look for their new recommendations page. Thanks! Have a Minute Card Class
I've worked with with to produce a web-based course on Stepping into the Minute Card Business. The information is dependant on my experience with working in the market for more than two decades, and from posting over 1Thousand cards. Class is self-paced with student/teacher feedback in your final project within the gallery.
  • The basic principles of professional card design.
  • Changing art right into a minute card.

Minute Card Books:
You are able to support this web site when you purchase Kate's e-Pamphlets which are a selection of different articles about this blog beginning at just .99 cents!

Get The Handmade Cards into Stores: Find and Use Sales RepsIf you already help make your own handmade cards, Get The Handmade Cards Into Stores is really a book that describes ways to get them into stores then sell them sell countrywide. Incorporated are recommendations on: how you can cost your cards for any profit, ways to get professional feedback, how to locate a salesman and and just what industry standards you need to follow. All the details can also be relevant to gift products, for example magnets, journals, calendars, memorabilia, etc.

Unusual Methods to Advertise Your Cards and 22 places to obtain featured.

Guide on Unusual Methods To Market Handmade Cards, and 22 places to obtain your designs featured. A 20 page guide regarding how to get the cards observed in non-traditional ways. From why you need to send cards for your dental professional, to ways to get special features in national guides. Sound advice for designers who're beginning out and wish to obtain cards in to the hands of individuals beyond buddies and family. Special Section: Distribution recommendations and contacts for 22 Gift Industry guides and professional gift industry blogs that look for new minute card designs to feature free of charge. (5Thousand Words and 17 minute card images incorporated)

7 Mistakes Minute Card Authors Make
Guide on A listing of seven items to avoid when posting minute card verse to marketers. Includes a listing of card marketers as well as their recommendations, links to author interviews, articles, card samples along with other current assets. 20-page guide and a pair of, 300 words and eight Pages of Card Samples.

20 Steps to Art Certification
Guide on that's a listing of recommended steps to to consider to get into art certification. How you can license your art to firms that publish handmade cards, and manufacture coffee mugs, magnets, wall hangings, kitchen products, and a large number of other gift products. This guide covers 20 fundamental steps from how you can ready your art, as to the companies to make contact with. It offers subjects on: How to locate agents, classes and just what industry events to go to. You will find extensive assets on social networking, certification community groups, and lists of interviews with professional designers (5, 200 words).
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