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November 13, 2016
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If you are much like me, soon after 2011 ended you wondered: “How much did I make money from writing this season?Inches

This past year Used to do a …and this season I needed to consider it one step further and do an earnings analysis.

Not since i imagine being inundated by individuals who’d prefer to sell me items and services simply because they think I’m moving in dough ('! three kids…college tuition…). No.

It’s because searching at where your writing earnings is originating from is an extremely important exercise.

You become familiar with a lot on how to enhance your business for the following year. I really want you to get this done math for the writing business, too, as it can help you are making better use of your energy and produce more this year.

I'd an objective of cracking six figures since i had narrowly skipped that much cla this year, which pissed me off. I’m very self-competitive this way.

A fast look at the reviews within my handy Freshbooks invoicing system informs me this season I managed to get. Still a couple of small tinkerings to complete to make certain every gig is incorporated and everything’s within the right column, but because a tough estimate, I’m there.

Simply to be obvious, I’m speaking by what I gained from writing — excluding earnings from my work here helping other authors earn more. (My internet freelance earnings seemed to be a little more compact than my gross when i did some subcontracting with other authors.)

If you are attempting to mention in my experience the economy stored directly on drawing in 2011…yes, I observed. Still, the freelance-writing marketplace is so large when you actually pursue it, you may still find lots of business and produce well.

How’d I actually do it? Freshbooks has this excellent feature where I'm able to instantly view revenue by client, so I've got a ready breakdown for you personally.

Here’s an account of every major client I'd this year, roughly what number of my earnings originated from each client, and just how I discovered them.

Client type % of earnings Type The Way I found
1. Business magazine website 23% Blogs + a couple of online features Questioned writer then requested when they hired self employed
2. Financial services co #1 15% In-depth feature articles Heard about project through grapevine arrived at to editor on Twitter
3. Condition government agency 14% Annual report writing Saw me on LinkedIn
4. Financial services website 7% Articles Saw me on Linkedin
5. Major media co. website 6% Interview-based blogs Ad in Gorkana alerts
6. Business book writer Book sections Saw my magazine blog
7. Financial services co #2 5% Blogs Referral
8. Business portal Short how-to articles and reported features Had labored using the editor before – and remained in contact
9. Small company blog 4% Blogs, social-media talking to, along with a special report
10. Software-services co. 3% Saw my Top Ten Blogs win
11. Local hospital Prospecting package
12. 2 small-biz blogs Blogs &lifier social networking talking to
13. Fortune 500 co. 2% Articles for e-e-newsletter for business clients Found me on the Search for ‘Seattle freelance writer’
14. Major publisher’s small-biz website
15. Misc. 1-off/small projects Articles for trade pubs, small-business blogging Various, including reacting to some Foot job ad on LinkedIn
TOTALS: 15 major clients 95% of total
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