Freelance Excel work

June 6, 2017
6 Ways An Excel Spreadsheet

Hi Stand out experts, we're searching for somebody that might help us produced a spreadsheet(s) which will have 3 times, weekly, every 11 days and monthly. We want these to be scalable. We've a listing of people that possess a certain lead type and standing. Each status includes a 7-9 mailing pieces, calls, emails, among other actions(approximately 50). We have to carry out the task on the times formerly pointed out. Our goal with this tracker would be to have the ability to reflect what dates we have to distribute each card or carry out the task and have the ability to filter with a certain date so it can show what cards and actions we have to be ready and also to who. We want the spreadsheet to exhibit the expense for every action per individual and monthly. In addition to a forecasted cost and actual cost. Please discover the document attached for any reference. Please submit your proposal for consideration. Thanks

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