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February 21, 2015
How We Got This Freelance Web

two business men shaking hands next to an office windowSo you’re an incredible designer. You’re prepared to turn your hands to the task a customer could throw to you. You have the gear, the program, the attitude, the job ethic…

… but you have little if any work arriving …

Here’s the one thing: keeping your blog and building a web-based brand will enable you to get freelance website design jobs greater than other things.

But to begin with, here’s what I’ve attempted that hasn’t labored:

  • Work with free for buddies to be able to get “exposure”
  • Spend some time uploading awesome designs to 3rd party sites (Behance, DeviantArt, Dribbble)
  • Contacting
  • Presenting you to ultimately people on LinkedIn or requesting operate in LinkedIn Groups
  • Searching Twitter for individuals searching for web-site designers and tweeting them

A few of the above may go for many people (although, I believe, very few) however for me, your blog is permanent online “proof” of my experience and abilities that draws in amazing clients with great work.

Your site, your site – it’s exactly the same factor

This site (a self-located WordPress site) is mine and never anybody else’s (unlike Dribbble, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) Yes, you may create interest and make followers in individuals places. However these sites restrict you skill in it.

When I purchase the domain and also the hosting I understand my website will be there. Your personal site will be more essential than your profile on a third party site.

If you wish to get freelance website design jobs or begin a website design business you have to start blogging. And when you're blogging, you have to persevere or keep consistently posting the very best content possible.

wordpress logoThrough blogging you are able to attract the best kind of clients. Having a blog you are able to construct your own little corner from the internet to showcase what you’re best at.

I do not mean remember to be revealing your latest work. That’s the final factor you ought to be blogging about. It’s far better to create your blog publish about, for instance, how to produce a website that’s attentive to phones and pills, crafting an HTML email that actually works in Outlook or, even, just how much an independent artist should charge.

They are general articles that could well interest other web-site designers, however, I've got clients getting in touch with me after reading through this content since they're about methods to problems.

And, in addition to this, this content continuously attract traffic – and clients – for many years. This can be a far better use of your energy than writing a desperate-searching message on the social networking which is lost the following day anyway!

Everybody has different talents. If you're constantly adding content via a blog it'll naturally show individuals talents to some wider audience. You might have a possible client getting in touch with you simply because they need to have a particular skill you have blogged about.

Also, the concept of writing a blog and keeping track of traffic will train you about Search engine optimization and WordPress that will supplment your abilities.

Concentrate by myself network

Additionally to blogging you ought to get links for your blog. This can be done by guest posting but that may be time intensive.

The easiest method to get links for your blog and individuals marketing it's by creating and looking after a network of people that share your passions.

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