Hiring Freelance Graphic Designer

December 11, 2014

By Rebecca Lutz, Founder &lifier Creative Director at LUTZstudio

Your company’s visual brand—its logo design, website, ads and overall visual presence—is what your clients or clients will psychologically connect your company with. It’s frequently the very first impression you’ll give, so it’s imperative that you make a high quality one!

This will make employing the best freelance artist an exciting-important task. Making the best choice now may benefit your company and help you save both money and time over time.

I've had several clients arrived at me in desperation. These were exhausted with their previous freelance designer choice(s) coupled with absolutely nothing to show of quality. What’s worse, they'd frequently jeopardized their initial budget and timeline along the way.

To assist spare you this trouble, listed here are a couple of easy steps that you could follow to make sure you are selecting the right designer from the beginning.

Produce a project list

First, compose a listing of the specific graphics needs so you'll have something to consult. Should you prefer a logo design, write it lower. If you want social networking pages designed, put that out there too.

Whenever you physically create all you need, you are able to clearly articulate your different project must they you'll interview. This causes it to be simpler to determine if they'd like to suit your needs and supply your company using the value you're searching for.

Create a listing of freelance graphic artists

Research different designers and compile a listing of the faves.

You can begin by asking your network if anybody knows of the good, reliable designer. You may also publish employment with an online place of work for example oDesk.com or Elance.com make certain to incorporate your listing of deliverables so appropriate self employed can use, and think about also trying to find self employed on the website who appear to suit your needs and welcoming these to apply.

Two of the most essential things to search for inside a freelance designer are their portfolio, and feedback or testimonial references.

Source: www.upwork.com
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