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November 3, 2015
Will it all fit?

Hello there! Since you may have suspected i'm Thomas, I am a freelance motion graphics designer and website developer presently located in Manchester.

As my job title indicates I split time between creating motion graphics videos and creating/developing websites. I have been requested why I select to combine the 2 and to tell the truth I believe it's how I have been wired, I love this mixture of systematic thinking I recieve from web design and that i love the creative side of movement graphics. I am also finding there's increasingly more crossover backward and forward.

Online development aspect I specialize in Drupal theme &lifier module development - Drupal supplies a great foundation which to construct a variety of websites from the simple web or blogsite a customer can update themselves for an entire social networking! Although I'm mainly a Drupal developer I additionally use other platforms for example Wordpress or Tumblr for creating blogs and more compact sites.

About last year I produced GotBrief - a web-based community to assist inspire creative people by supplying an every week a word brief to pay attention to. GotBrief also generates for me a means of exploring my curiosity about graphics too - I love to produce a new good article for that launch of every brief.


The best section of study was certainly related to mobile communications: the dwelling of contemporary mobile systems and potential way forward for mobile technology. I additionally really loved experimentation with new technology like RFID - seeing how it may be accustomed to connect offline objects with internet actions to produce "the web of productsInch.

Side projects

Julian Glidden | Channel Trailer | Freelance Web Designer
Julian Glidden | Channel Trailer | Freelance Web Designer
How to Create Your Freelance Graphic Design Portfolio
How to Create Your Freelance Graphic Design Portfolio web design portfolio web design portfolio
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