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September 1, 2020
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The Web is filled with freelance project sites promising riches outside your craziest imagination in return for only a couple of minutes of your energy, however the harsh the truth is that many options are a total waste of time. Usually an over-abundance of job-seeking self employed from around the globe serves they are driving prices lower, making most jobs not well worth the here we are at individuals people in the western world. Or even the jobs available pay peanuts to start with (I’m searching to you, Search engine optimization industry).

As a result of this ‘race towards the bottom’ increasingly more sites are popping up targeted at self employed who wish to eat greater than beans on toast. These greater-quality Contractor and Freelance worker Jobs sites usually offer something when it comes to curation – either of freelance talent, or even the jobs available, or both – to make sure well-having to pay gigs and equally great results. We’ve been test-driving a couple of of these for a while and thought we’d gather a lot of our favourites.


Particularly for that wordsmiths available, Contently enables freelance journalists or authors to put together a portfolio with relative ease (give it the Link to a website you are writing for and it’ll whizz through and discover your posts, or upload PDF scans of print work), which could then be utilized when pitching for work.

Contently also sports a “Writer’s Network” where self employed are asked to pitch for exclusive work from some pretty huge marketers including Forbes, The Atlantic and BuzzFeed.

For self employed Contently is completely free (we’re presuming any costs they take take presctiption the publishers’ finish), although is presently rather US-centric.


Home in traditional Blighty, freelance job marketplace 3Desk goes great guns, registering 300Thousand customers in only more than a year. The main focus here's on local work – although there’s lots of remote / work at home stuff made available.

Like Contently you will be assigned with putting together an account to woo prospects, but 3Desk can pull in information out of your social profiles, meaning the majority of the effort is accomplished for you. Just push the button in ways you want and you're ready to go!

Your become a freelancer game and join 10Thousand others activated to the e-newsletter


Getting lately “pivoted” (that’s startup speak for understanding your original idea was garbage) to become freelance job network, Crew (formerly Ooomf) takes our prime road in relation to quality, and it has a rigid vetting process for clients and self employed. Designed mainly to obtain mobile and web applications made, Crew enables designers, designers and copywriters to join up – although there isn’t any guarantee of acceptance.

By having an average project worth of $3, 900 (that’s Dollars, remember) Crew looks set to supply some lucrative work. Getting just released we’ve not had an opportunity to stretch our legs about this platform yet, but hopefully to report on their behavior soon.

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