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May 5, 2016
By Rachel Sanders, for CMG

Freelance writing jobsAs numerous individuals know, I'm an advocate of generating income online through writing. So far as I'm concerned, the obstacles of entry are relatively low and also the possibilities are plenty of.

Lots of Departing Work Behind visitors have approached me asking how to locate writing jobs. Many people have no idea where you can look, things to search for, how to find jobs, and so forth.

Which may come as no real surprise — taking individuals first couple of steps could be rather intimidating. I only say that from general observations. If you have certain writing websites suggesting that you ought to be commanding rates of $100 each hour or more, by taking your initial step could be a paralyzing experience. However, within this publish I wish to show how the procedure can certainly be easy.

Writing Jobs: Never Be Afraid To Begin Small

Although you may make up to $100 each hour doing writing jobs, there's practically nothing wrong with beginning in a lower level. Never be intimidated into thinking that you ought to be striving for “jackpot jobs.”

My hourly rate was $20 after i began. Nowadays it’s a lot more like $150 each hour. And it is not only me my pal Gina could move from $50 to $150 each hour within several weeks.

My equivalent hourly rate right now is well under $100 each hour, however i don't have any trouble with that. I've regular work, I do not need to search for jobs, and that i have prospects visiting me (instead of the other way around). Edit 27/10/14: my equivalent hourly rates are now around $150, which appropriately demonstrates what's possible with writing!

The truth is, you cannot walk directly into $100 each hour jobs when just beginning freelance author. You have to develop your expertise and portfolio. There's no problem with dealing with a $20 each hour job out on another let anybody let you know otherwise. Should you have had two regular clients having to pay you $20 each hour, eight hrs each day, you’d be generating up to $40Thousand per year — that’s absolutely nothing to sniff at. It might not settle the debts, but it may be your start point.

Besides, you will find other advantages to beginning out decently:

  • You are able to bulk your portfolio
  • It's an chance to improve your network
  • It may increase contact with your site (for those who have a writer byline)
  • It’s sound practice!

And don't forget: you could request for any raise after you have proven yourself. If your client is reluctant to improve your earnings, you could leave (on good terms, obviously). Employed by a below-ideal rate doesn't have to become permanent, but it's absolutely nothing to hesitate of for the short term.

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