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March 2, 2015
The Best 3 Sites for Finding

Looking for freelance writing jobs on TwitterSo, you’ve accepted, produced a Twitter profile, and learned how you can send a tweet. You’re benefiting from fans, even.

However, you might be wondering — can there be any real payback in my freelance career here on Twitter?

It's not easy to determine how these 140-character clips of conversation can lead to actual writing jobs…especially when half the folks on Twitter appear to become posting food-porn Instagrams or comments by what stop they’re waiting in.

However the funny factor is, you'll find gigs via Twitter. High quality ones, too.

It’s just a little tricky, since you may have heard that it is not considered awesome to strongly request individuals to hire yourself on Twitter, or elsewhere in social networking, for your matter.

Nevertheless, you will find low-key, great ways to interact with and approach editors, marketing managers, along with other prime targets. You will find also job entries going swimming Twitter, too.

Here’s a rundown on probably the most fundamental methods for you to use Twitter to locate clients:

1. Share helpful stuff

First of all, determine who you need to ‘talk’ to and attract here, and share things they’d have an interest to see. Not all stuff you authored, either. Just be a valuable source of interesting info.

Then, prospects might begin to follow you. They may provide you with gigs — either situations that may offer you epic exposure, or having to pay gigs. For example, a tweet of 1 of my very own blogs brought to Jon Morrow’s finding my blog and asking me to become a guest poster for Copyblogger. Which brought to a lot of other, having to pay offers.

So. Be discussing. Your awesome stuff would bring you possibilities.

2. Become familiar with your fans

If you want clients, make sure to take a look at your brand-new Twitter fans regularly. Read their profiles. If them smell of prospects, follow it well.

After that, don’t join in and say “Hey — can you hire me to create for you personally?Inches You’re not going to state that on Twitter, really. But certainly don’t express it first factor!


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