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November 12, 2015
Confessions of a Professional
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Angelo Spandrio

Angelo continues to be running their own business for more than 35 years – with periodic brief difficulties where he needed to obtain a “real” job. However, during the last 15 years, his business has entirely supported his family.

He began out manufacturing speaker parts, however, Angelo helps companies source and manufacture not just speaker parts but nearly any product imaginable from teapots to glass bungs for wine barrels. Angelo likewise helps business proprietors develop guidelines for optimum profitability in the totally-free Solopreneur Hotline. He is able to help discover the solutions to certification and permits, prices, billing, accounting, shipping and receiving, posting and conveying, taxes, collections and much more.

Chris Marlow

Chris Marlow is about money and success for authors. She’s been the initial copywriters coach since 2003, released the world’s only record prices benchmarks for copywriters, and has the key program for landing high-having to pay clients. (Wealthy Freelance worker co-authors Erectile dysfunction Gandia and Pete Savage were both her students!)

An experienced copywriter with millions in sales and 2 ECHO honours — the industry’s top award for marketing results — Chris shows authors crafting effective copy, earn more money, while increasing their productivity.

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