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July 8, 2014
Freelance magazine needed

This sections gives you writer's recommendations of kids magazines and websites that pay freelance authors for articles and tales.

Writer's Recommendations:

  • Stone Soup magazine Stone Soup is exclusive among children's magazines-it is the only magazine composed entirely from the creative work of kids. Youthful individuals from around the globe lead their tales, poems, book reviews, and artwork to Stone Soup. Playboy puts out tales on all subjects-horses, dance, sports, problems in school, problems in your own home, magical places, sci-fi, historic fiction, family, holidays-there's no limit to the topic of the Stone Soup story. Contributing factors of tales, poems and book comments are compensated $40 each illustrators are compensated $25 per illustration.

    Up-to-date: 22-Sep-2015 VISITED: 2542 occasions

  • Appleseeds magazine APPLESEEDS is really a 36-page, multidisciplinary, nonfiction social studies magazine for kids age range 8 or more (mainly in grades 3 &lifier 4). The editor seeks articles which are vivid, age-appropriate, and show an authentic road to the theme. Scientific and historic reliability are essential. Feature articles: 1-4 pages. Subjects include nonfiction, interviews, and just how-to. Word length: 150 words/page. Payment: $50 per page.

    Up-to-date: 30-Apr-2014 VISITED: 6490 occasions

  • BABYBUG Magazine BABYBUG, a glance-and-listen magazine for kids, presents simple poems, tales, nonfiction, and activities that reflect natural a sense of fun and curiosity of babies and small children. Payment: 25 cents/word or more.

    Up-to-date: 24-Apr-2014 VISITED: 6861 occasions

  • Cicada magazine CICADA, for age range 14 or more, puts out original short tales, poems, and first-person essays written for teens and teenagers. CICADA's visitors are wise and well experienced and may handle complexness in accordance with subject, portrayal, and story. The editors accept practical, modern, and historic fiction, together with humor, mysteries, fantasy, and sci-fi. Length: as much as 5Thousand words. In nonfiction, the editors like first-person encounters appealing to teen and adolescent visitors. The editors will review serious, humorous, rhyming reely verse poetry. Length: as much as 25 lines. Payment: 25 cents/word.

    Up-to-date: 30-Apr-2014 VISITED: 6949 occasions

  • Highlights for children magazine Highlights for children is written and edited for those youthful individuals from two to 12 years of age, among the largest age propagates in children's posting. "Highlights" is targeted in the pre-readers, in the child who's just starting to identify and title familiar objects, and also at the advanced middle-schooler who would like to find out about everything on the planet. Frequent needs include humor, mystery, sports, holiday and adventure tales retellings of traditional tales tales with urban configurations...

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